The forecast of the directions

of robotization development in Poland

In the area of robotization of production processes, we observe groundbreaking changes that influence manufacturing processes, the emergence of new digital products, and new business models. 60 years after the installation of the first industrial robot, the industry is currently undergoing unprecedented changes.
The report ‘Forecast of Robotics Development in Poland,’ prepared by the DBR77 team and partners, presents a wide spectrum of topics that have an impact on the decisions of manufacturing companies regarding robotics both today and in the future.

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DBR77 Report - Forecast of Robotics Development Trends in Poland

The report has been prepared based on available source data and proprietary research.

This is the first report of its kind in Poland, containing a compendium of knowledge about the robotization of manufacturing facilities in our country.

Collaboration with experts from various fields (scientists, entrepreneurs, organizations) has enabled a comprehensive depiction of the discussed topics and the anticipation of further directions of development in Polish robotics.

  • Macro Trends in the Global Robotics Delivery Market

  • The Share of New Robotic Technologies and Supporting Robotics

  • Changes in the Automotive Market and Their Impact on Global and Polish Robotics

  • Changes in Supply Chain Organization

  • Reducing Robotic Automation Costs

  • Digital Transformation and Its Impact on Robotics

  • The Specifics of the Polish Market

  • Support Tools for Robotics Development in Poland

  • Economic Analysis of Decisions in Robotics

  • Forecasts for the Directions of Robotic Conditions Changes in Poland