Digital Development Roadmap DDR®

The Digital Development Roadmap is a digital development roadmap according to DBR77. It is also a long-term plan encompassing all the key aspects for the organization’s development. The digital development map will allow and facilitate your organization’s transition from the analog to the digital world, enabling you to build a plan for gaining a sustainable competitive advantage.

Benefits of  the digital development map
In your company

Digitalization Measurement

Build resilience against threats

DDR enables the company to adapt to the changing business environment and minimize risk through proper planning and implementation of digital transformation initiatives.

Transformation Plan

Plan the transformation

DDR will allow you to develop a long-term development plan in the field of digitalization, enabling a conscious and effective approach to the use of new technologies and process optimization.

Strategic advantages

Gain a competitive advantage.

DDR identifies potential opportunities and possibilities for the company in the context of digital transformation, enabling the utilization of innovative solutions to achieve a competitive advantage over competitors.

The uniqueness of the Digital Development Roadmap DBR77

Precise assessment of the level of digitization in your company

The operating approach

The working method created by long-standing practitioners implementing digital transformation projects

Digital Transformation

The only comprehensive and long-term digital transformation plan on the market

Effective implementation

Confidence in the successful implementation of the Digital Transformation Map and achieving the intended outcomes

Stages of DDR

Assessment of the current state of digital transformation

We deeply and comprehensively analyze the levels of transformation in all areas of the organization’s operations and its market presence.

DBR77 All Robots One Place

List of Initiatives

Using the gathered information, the map suggests the next steps for the transformation of individual areas. In this way, we build a comprehensive list of initiatives that allows us to create a balanced and, therefore, sustainable plan for the transformation of the organization.

Action plan 

Transformation won’t happen overnight. Thanks to the division into stages and the optimal distribution over time, the transformation will be continuous and achievable.

DBR77 All Robots One Place

Economic efficiency assessment

We estimate the expected results based on a wide range of reference points, allowing for decision-making even in the case of long-term plans.

For whom?

DRD® belongs to the canon of essential tools necessary for the digital transformation journey. The map fully meets the requirements of the document required by many grant programs and adds points in most grant competitions.

Manufacturing plant

  • Cost reduction in manufacturing
  • Internally consistent technology development plan to gain a competitive advantage over the competition.
  • Tailoring the product and business model to market needs,
  • Training the organization’s staff at all levels.

Technology supplier

  • Collaboration in creating maps ensures education of customers in the area of new technologies,
  • Description of a particular technology in the digital development map of a company increases the chances of its future utilization.
  • Digital development maps also include economic analysis of planned actions.


  • The digital development map provides a directional strategy for the organization’s growth and market offerings,
  • Reducing the costs of fulfilling orders for customers
  • The Digital Development Roadmap for integrators is a way to digitize processes and introduce new digital products for customers

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Katarzyna Marszalkiewicz

Katarzyna Marszalkiewicz
Business Development Manager