Challenges of manufacturing plants

Manufacturing plants worldwide face the challenge of digital transformation. Technological advancements and the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) require manufacturing processes to become increasingly automated and optimized to ensure efficiency and competitiveness.

The key is to leverage advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, Big Data, robotics, and IoT to improve quality, increase efficiency, and reduce production costs.


Digital transformation

Digital transformation is not just about implementing new technologies but also about changing the way we think about production processes and reorganizing the way people work. The introduction of Industry 4.0 concepts requires the involvement of the entire company and the ability to adapt and innovate.

The challenges related to digital transformation apply not only to manufacturing plants but to the entire value chain, from suppliers to customers. At the same time, it provides businesses with the opportunity to achieve greater efficiency and better resource utilization to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage in the market.


Benefits of working with the DBR77 platform

Measurement of Digitization

Support at every step of the transformation journey

Platform DBR77 offers all the necessary tools to plan and carry out a comprehensive digital transformation of a facility.

Transformation Plan

Everything based on data

Platform DBR77 provides a complete environment for collecting, analyzing, and utilizing data about production processes.

Strategic advantages

All robots in one place

Thanks to the DBR77 platform, you can plan automation and robotization of your facility using robots from all global suppliers.

The uniqueness of the DBR77 solution

3D Studio

The heart of the DBR77 platform is the 3D Studio, which allows for quick and easy replication of workstations, assembly lines, or entire production facilities.

Digital twin

The use of the DBR77 digital twin increases process efficiency by an average of 20%

Technological solution

At the platform, you will find technological solutions tailored to your needs, no matter how unique they may be.

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Steps on the road
of digital transformation

Create a plan for digital transformation

Digital transformation is about changing the organization and people, not just purchasing technology. Plan and carry out the digital transformation according to the digital development map based on the DBR77 model. Our solution is the only comprehensive plan on the market that leads to achieving a sustainable competitive advantage for your company.

DBR77 All Robots One Place
Increase efficiency

Improve process efficiency

Digitalization of production processes is primarily about efficiently utilizing them based on available data. To make informed decisions, utilize the digital twin from DBR77, which allows for complete simulation of designed and implemented processes on the factory premises. AI algorithms enable support for decision-making processes in conditions of high market variability.

Utilize the data from your plant

Collecting, archiving, validating, and utilizing large datasets describing the processes carried out in the plant is the beginning of Big Data in manufacturing facilities. The DBR77 method allows for measuring and understanding the performance and effectiveness of all actions carried out in the facility that impact efficiency and effectiveness.

DBR77 All Robots One Place

Robotize and automate work

The final step in the digitalization process is the organic integration of human work with robotics or process automation. Utilize the unique DBR77 marketplace to gather ideas from experts on ways to robotize or automate your technological challenge. After making the decision on which technological solution will be best for your plant, the platform will match you with the appropriate technology supplier.


Take advantage of our tools

The digital twin of DBR77

  • The possibility of simulating any part or the entire manufacturing plant
  • Simulation for optimizing process organization

DBR77 Marketplace

  • All robots available for your plant in one place
  • Capability to design, quote, and purchase any robotic workstation
  • You can robotize your plant 20% cheaper and 30% faster using our traditional approach.

DBR77 Big Data

  • Collecting data from every type of object,
  • Data archiving in the cloud.
  • Data validation and data repair

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Katarzyna Marszalkiewicz

Katarzyna Marszalkiewicz
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