There are still not many B2B marketplace solutions on the market, that’s why we have gathered here answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Is the offer submitted by the Integrator binding?

The bidding process is conducted based on the Civil Code, similarly to the traditional form of submitting and accepting offers. The offer submitted through the platform can be called a budgetary offer, as it encompasses the implementation of a concept that describes only the key parameters. The process of concluding a contract for the supply of a workstation involves, as in the traditional form of transactions, additional negotiations. The final offer is approved by the parties before signing the contract. The procedure replicated on the platform does not differ in any way from the analogous bidding process carried out in “typical transactions.”

Are Technological Challenges visible to platform users before they are published?
Until the Technological Challenge is approved for publication, it is visible only to its author and members of the team created for its implementation. If the solution is made public (through the “public” button), Integrators meeting specific selection criteria will receive information about the appearance of the new Technological Challenge. From this moment, the Technological Challenge and the information contained in it are publicly visible.
Will it still be possible to make changes to the offer after it has been submitted?
Both parties can modify each offer at any stage of the order execution. The offer for implementing the workstation, according to the concept, is a binding solution within the scope described in the concept. The practice of both working on the platform and implementing the delivery of robotic workstations outside the platform shows that from the initial offer submission to the agreements included in the delivery contract, the offer undergoes changes both in terms of scope of implementation and remuneration.
Does anyone see the budget assumptions the Investor adopts while preparing their offer?

No. All the information entered by the Investor’s team as assumptions for the offer calculation remains unknown to anyone else. This information is treated as confidential, in accordance with the platform’s terms of use. The Investor submits the offer independently of the calculations and assessment of investment efficiency conducted in the 3D Studio. This means that the calculations prepared during the solution preparation in the 3D Studio do not obligate the Investor to submit a corresponding offer.

Does the Investor incur any fees for working on the platform?

No. According to the platform’s terms of work, the Investor carries out their actions free of charge, in full scope.

Solutions submitted by Integrators in response to public challenges are visible to all registered users of the platform.

After the Integrator submits and publishes the solution, it is presented exclusively to the Investor for whom it was prepared. If the Integrator agrees to allow the solution to be displayed to other platform users, it will be shown in the database of completed investments shortly after its completion. However, if the Investor does not grant such permission, by default, the specific solution will not be presented anywhere.

How long are the offers submitted for the presented solutions valid?

The Integrator, when submitting an offer to execute a workstation, defines the validity period of the offer.

Can you use keyboard shortcuts in Studio 3D?

Yes A large portion of the platform’s functionalities have keyboard shortcuts, similar to other graphic software programs. A full list of shortcuts is available. HERE

What should I do if I want to become a Partner of DBR77 Platform?

Anyone interested in becoming a Partner of the Platform is kindly requested to contact our advisor to schedule a meeting by clickingHERE

Where can I find information materials about using the DBR77 platform and Studio 3D?

Information materials about the platform’s operating rules can be found in the training materials under the linkTutorials.